A Close Call

If you haven’t had an external hard drive fail on you yet it’s either one of two things:

1. You purchased a really good hard drive that wasn’t one of the unlucky ones.

2. You haven’t been working long enough in your craft to have one fail on you.

My first drive just failed me today. This very hour.

It was a great drive. Small, sleek, screamin’ fast… the little orange shock proof case always made me think it had flames like a Camaro with decals.

I say the drive failed because it is no longer functional on a practical level. Granted it can still hold data but that’s no good when it can hold a connection.

So instead of jimmy rigging it with duct tape and zip ties I’m laying it to rest.

Today I was personally reminded that I don’t back up some of my most important work often enough. This drive specifically has (had…) all my web series archives and working files. 

Luckily I was able to pinch the connection together long enough to retrieve the almost 200 gigs  I hadn’t already backed up.

Back up your data and back it up often.


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