Logan Anderson PortraitIf you don’t know me well enough you might think I’m strange. Don’t worry, we’re all a little strange. I just happen to make faces in the mirror and talk to myself more than the average person. If you can’t be yourself around yourself then what’s the point? After all, you are the one who knows you the best, just be yourself and forget all the rest.

I love laughing and creating. God made smiles for pretty women so they could brighten your day. There is nothing more exciting than playing with a new toy for the very first time. If I had to take something with me on a long trip it would be my clothes; it’s harder to make friends when you’re naked. Two wrongs don’t make a right but doing something wrong twice gets you closer to doing it right.

Growing up is a trip. I never told my parents I knew everything, but I’ve come to realize just how much of everything I really don’t know. There are almost seven billion unique experiences out there and I would be a fool trying to explain life. Each day is a new day. Take it and commit yourself to what you believe in. Be kind to everyone, quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. If you have patience you have already conquered the world.